Harvest Collegiate is a school based in honest intellectual relationships. Advisory is the “home” of every student over years; the Advisor is responsible for overseeing and proactively addressing the child’s overall well being, particularly their academic progress, of which attendance is a crucial component. This includes communicating with the advisee’s family personally at least once a month, communicating with the advisee’s teachers, sharing positive updates and connecting the student to further resources when necessary. Since Advisory is also a space for the cultivation of agency, rotating roles for students leading Morning Meeting, reporting on current events, decorating the space, leading a teambuilding activity, or leading discussing on an interesting article is also an integral part of Advisory functioning.

Lower House focus: Community Building through rotating Advisory leadership of Morning Meeting and all students completing 25+ hours of Community Service.

Upper House focus: Collegiate Futures with goals of individualized Safety, Reach, Match college lists and college application guidance with the support of the College Inquiry curriculum from CARA.


Go to: Academic Program

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