Getting Back to Learning

Everyone at Harvest hopes all members of our community are safe and recovering from the storm. We look forward to returning to school on Monday.

To prepare, here are reminders about some assignments for students. Please check our Facebook page for any updates.

  • For Faye’s Spanish Class, please make sure you complete Tarea de la Musica del Caribe # 2 if you did not already submit it last Friday; it is DUE Monday, November 5th. In addition, please make sure you complete the “Musica Maestro” assignment we were working on in class on Friday; it is DUE Monday, November 5th. Make sure you follow the directions and remember to be creative — decorate the CD! Lastly, study ALL of the PRESENT TENSE VERBS we learned describing music (bailar, tocar, eschuchar, and cantar), as well as all vocabulary we learned about music. There will be a QUIZ on music on Monday, November 5th. If you have questions please email me
  • For Steve’s Build Your Own Civilization class, please ensure you finish Parable of the Sower. You will have a test on it on Monday. Additionally, remember there was a paragraph due on Monday about symbolism in Chapter 5. Please email this to Steve at if you can. Otherwise, hand it in on Monday.
  • For Scott and Jessica’s Literacy and Justice class, please make sure you finish reading Romeo and Juliet and complete all dialectical notes. All dialectical notes are due Monday. Also, there will be an in-class quiz on Romeo and Juliet on Monday.
  • For David’s Heroes and Villains class and for all Looking for an Argument class, please read at least three articles about the presidential election from,,, or On Monday, bring in the titles of the articles, 3 interesting points, and 3 questions that you have about the election.
  • For Kiran’s Epic Journeys class, you need to finish When I Was Puerto Rican.  You will have a quiz on it on Monday.

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