Harvest a “hidden gem” –NY Post

“Eight hidden gems in the NYC school system”
New York Post
September 27, 2015
By Mary Kay Linge

Don’t limit your search to the city’s best-known high schools. Some lesser-known, up-and-coming places of learning make the grade. Insideschools.org, the Department of Education and The Post recommend eight such options:

2. Harvest Collegiate High School

34 W. 14th St., Manhattan

This new, non-traditional small school, housed in the refurbished upper floors of an old Greenwich Village department store, rejects the standardized tests of most other highs. Teachers evaluate students on portfolios and end-of-semester oral or written presentations instead of Regents exams. The emphasis is on class discussion, plenty of reading and writing, hands-on projects and trips. Twice-a-week extracurriculars are required. Choices include robotics, art, jazz band and outdoor adventure. A partner, the Third Street Music School, gets everyone playing an instrument, and the Stone Barns Center for Agriculture provides a “seed-to-plate” program. Offers a slate of AP classes and intriguing electives like Dexter and Dostoevsky and BioCases: Atoms to Humans.

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