Inaugural January Intensive: Yes, We Did!

January Intensive Courses at Harvest Collegiate High School!

Brazilian Language and Culture

This class will explore the rich and fascinating language, history, and culture of Brazil, the largest and most diverse country in Latin America. Over one week, students will learn essential communication in Portuguese to be able to hold a conversation. Students will also interact with exciting aspects of Brazilian culture: watching Oscar nominated movies (City of God, Central Station); learning to play Capoeira and dance Samba along with professional instructors; listening to the wonderful music of Caetano Veloso and Timbalada; going out to eat lunch at a Brazilian restaurant; reading excerpts of Jorge Amado’s Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon; and studying the history of slavery, colonialism, independence, and military dictatorships. As the Brazilians say, €œeste curso muito legal!  This class is very cool!

Collegiate Immersion: Preparing for the Ivy LeagueWhat do I need to do to get into college? How can I make sense of the college search and application process? To be on track for college you need to start preparing now. This course will immerse learners in a “Collegiate” ways of thinking and writing as we examine together the steps along the path to college. Students will be taking trips to visit colleges. One of our trips will be a day-long excursion to Philadelphia for college and cheesesteaks! We will also learn about the financial aid process and scholarships, walk through the application process, and read about how to get into highly selective colleges like Columbia, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and many others. Take charge of your education by participating in  a Collegiate Immersion: Preparing for the Ivy League during January Intensive!

Computer Programming: Intro to Web Design

Websites, like people, are complex things. While we are primarily made of muscles and bones, websites are made of a system of programming languages, namely HTML and CSS. The structure of a webpage is provided by an HTML skeleton, while the visual appeal and dynamic movement is written in CSS. In this intensive, you will explore the anatomy of a website by learning how to code using HTML and CSS. You will also explore the human musculoskeletal system by building a working model of a human limb.

Gourmet Theatre Workshop -­‐ Improbable Theater Company

During the Gourmet Theatre workshop, students will experience a wide variety of theatre techniques and movement work. For an appetizer there might be Alexander Technique or Hip Hop Dance. For a main course, there could be scene study, audition technique, or Stella Adler method work on the menu. For dessert, we may serve up improvisation or Drafting, the Improbable Stage Company’s own improvisational method. There is no public performance for this intensive, just tons of fun trying different theatrical elements and methods. Everyday the menu will consist of three unique workshops taught by different members of the Improbable Stage Company. We hope you will join us for this delicious theatrical adventure. Yum!


Who are we? Where do we come from? Is there such a thing as Race? In this Intensive we will try to find answers to these questions by visiting the American Museum of Natural History, chatting with experts, checking out the evidence from skulls to DNA in real life labs, reading up and viewing films by some of our modern thinkers on the subject. Capture it on film as a documentary or prepare short museum exhibit to share what you found



The photos are of a Capoeira workshop in the Brazilian Language and Culture, Monologue Workshop in Theater, Collegiate Immersion visiting Columbia University and one in the stacks at Columbia, and “the Road to College” activity in Collegiate Immersion.

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