Welcome Back: Three Steps to the Start of School

1. Orientation: WEDNESDAY, September 4th

We will have a one day Orientation WEDNESDAY, September 4th, 9 9am-12:30pm for ALL students (not parents). At Orientation, you will meet your new Advisory, be introduced to the whole school in a welcome Assembly, receive your schedule of classes, discuss your summer reading books (please bring your book to refer to), and sign up for your fall extra curricular activities. The full, regular schedule of classes will start on Monday, September 9th with breakfast at 8am.

2. Make Sure you’ve completed your Summer Assignment

If you haven’t yet read five books (including one of the Harvest 2013 books) and written your reading reflections, or completed your summer math assignment, please do them now before the August 25th due date. They should be submitted to reading@harvestcollegiate.org and math@harvestcollegiate.org, respectively.

3. Supplies. We ask that you bring to school:

  • A three-ring binder with dividers and lined paper (in the size you like to write) for the binder. Getting notebook dividers with pockets is useful.
  • 2 composition or graph grid notebook for math class.
  • Pens, pencils, eraser.
  • If possible, a graphing calculator from Texas Instruments or Casio (about $40). A scientific calculator (about $15) is also helpful if a graphing is not available. We will have some calculators available in school if this presents a difficulty.

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