We prepare students for success in college and participatory leadership.

  • Open Honors: optional extra challenge in every class with Honors indicated on transcript
  • AP Classes (probable): Art History, American History, Biology, Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, Spanish Language and Culture, Statistics
  • Foreign Language: Spanish and French currently
  • Extensive Reading: Harvest students read on average 40 books per year
  • Music: All students learn an instrument (choice of Piano, Guitar, Chorus, Band)
  • College Now: Free college classes through Hunter College now


English History Mathematics
Students read, discuss and write about great works of literature by Shakespeare, Frederick Douglass,F. Scott Fitzgerald, and others as well as works by more contemporary authors such as Maya Angelou and Sherman Alexie…Read More Harvest Collegiate pushes students to critically evaluate historical sources at pivotal moments in history…Read More Our program focuses on building student’s mathematical reasoning through compelling problems… Read More
Music Science Language Other Than English
Every student learns a musical instrument at Harvest Collegiate…Read More Our science program concentrates on how to actually do science, learning the core ideas of the scientific method through experimental design, critique and analysis…Read More We offer Spanish and French language…Read More
Physical Education Advisory Experiential Learning
We think of physical education as a vital part of a student’s well-being…Read More Advisor is responsible for overseeing and proactively addressing the child’s overall well-being…Read More Half a day each week takes students outside the building for urban ecology, community service, college advising, and internships…Read More

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