What are your school hours?
Every day starts with an affirmative Morning Meeting or Advisory check-in. Breakfast is at 8:00am.

What are your facilities like?
Harvest has its own campus housed on two complete floors elevated over 14th Street, which are organized around two large central rooms of a Library and a Cafeteria.  We have eighteen classrooms (four stocked with their own additional classroom libraries),  four science laboratories, a Dance Studio and a Fitness room; we do not have a full size gymnasium.   We have five mobile computer carts of laptops, as well as a class set of iPads and over 40 desktop computers in the Library.

What is the theme of Harvest Collegiate?
You are. The purpose of Harvest is for all of our students to learn to think—deeply and well.

How do you do that?
All of the learning goals in our courses are aligned to key
habits of mind and heart: Curiosity, Evidence, Perspective, Connection, Voice,
Responsibility and Creative Contribution. Students must present projects they are proud of—a complex math problem, historical research paper, a literary analysis, or science lab—to panel by the end of 10th grade (their Gateway) and by the end of 12th grade (their Capstone) in order to graduate.

How do you promote your commitments to: Peace, Diversity, Growth?
We organize the school for teachers to know students—through their small group
Advisory and by keeping the school experience more intimate through the two
Houses. If a core value is broken, we have a Fairness committee (of students and teachers) for restorative justice. We challenge all students through Open Honors and support them with caring teacher and after school academic programs.

Is there a uniform or lockers?
There is no uniform, we simply ask that you please dress overall appropriately for a focus on learning. Yes, youwill get a locker.

What sports do you offer?
Harvest Collegiate offers the following PSAL Sports:
Boys–Baseball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Volleyball
Girls–Handball, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, JV Volleyball

What musical instruments can students study?
Piano, Guitar, Chorus, Band

Do you offer academic support?
Yes, we offer free academic support before and after school.  We also have a writing support center.

Do you accept students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) ?
Yes, we offer IEP services.

Do you accept homeschooled students?
Yes, we have successful students who have come directly from homeschooling.

Do you have active parent involvement?
Yes, we have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that meets monthly, curriculum nights, and community events.


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