Harvest Wants You

Harvest Collegiate High School, which opened with its first class of 9th graders in September 2012, is a small public high school near Union Square in Manhattan. We invite you to apply to join our founding team as we welcome a new class and build a transformative learning community. At Harvest, teachers are empowered to design their own courses that focus on developing students’ passions, curiosity, and Habits of Mind and Heart. We are looking for passionate and thoughtful teachers to join our strong and experienced staff. For more information, please E-mail us at info@harvestcollegiate.org.

Mission & Vision

Harvest Collegiate High School offers a rich and challenging intellectual education rooted in a growth cycle of compelling experience, inquiry and the pursuit of precision, culminating in the collaborative construction of meaning, action and reflection of how people really learn. We believe in cultivating students’ power to produce and reflect, rather than simply consume, as a fundamental way of being in the world. Our learning experiences are designed to stimulate immersion through disciplined habits of thought on topics of moral or aesthetic significance, while cultivating a powerful sense of competence, autonomy and belonging. We aspire to being, and to contributing creatively to, a sane society, one of peace, growth, even joy. We believe all young people flourish in conditions that challenge and support, so in our commitment to excellence through diversity and equity, we aim to serve the varied students of the city. We prepare students for success in college and for participatory leadership that promotes Harvest Collegiate’s values of active responsibility for mankind and our earth.

Harvest Collegiate aims to achieve its mission through:

  • Focusing on the challenging and engaging work of inquiry in true preparation for college with the research, support and partnership of the Institute for Student Achievement, Authentic intellectual work and authentic assessment, in all subject areas, tied to Habits of Mind and Heart that promote lifelong love of learning and critical thinking
  • A system of distributed counseling where every student receives a web of social and emotional support
  • The enlargement of life experience through empowering opportunities:
    • Every student learning a musical instrument
    • Experiential Half-Day Each Week: Urban Ecology in 9th grade, Service Learning in 10th grade, College Exploration in 11th grade, Career Internship in 12th grade
    • A January Intensive for travel or immersion learning
    • A focus in all of our intellectual coursework on the most essential attributes of thinking and being, our habits of mind and heart:
  • Habit of Evidence: How do I know what I know?
  • Habit of Connection: What does this connect and apply to?
  • Habit of Perspective: How does this look differently from someone else’s shoes?
  • Habit of Voice: Do I strive to understand others and to share my understanding?
  • Habit of Curiosity: Do I continually seek the “why” and “how”?
  • Habit of Responsibility: Did I take responsibility for others and myself?
  • Habit of Creative Contribution: Did I add something beautiful, beneficial, worthwhile?
  • Underlying all of our Habits is recognition of fundamental human dignity, expressed in the unwavering core values of Commitment to Peace, Commitment to Diversity and Commitment to Growth.

Interested in joining?
Harvest would like to start getting to know prospective teachers as soon as possible and give you the opportunity to get to know us. We are looking for the following positions: Science / Math / Social Studies / English / Music/ Languages Other than English (Spanish and French preferred) / Special Education / College / F-Status Guidance Counselor or College Counselor.

Teachers with multiple licenses, particularly in ESL or Special Education, are preferred. We will be holding a number of open houses over the coming months, by invitation. If you would like to be invited to an open house, please send a resume and cover letter to Kate Burch, Principal, (kate@harvestcollegiate.org) and our Hiring Committee (hiring@harvestcollegiate.org). Formal applications will be accepted through the NYC DOE Open Market when it opens.

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