Our School

Harvest Collegiate High School, which opened with its first class of 9th graders in September 2012, is a small public high school near Union Square in Manhattan. Harvest will have its first graduating class in 2016. Over 90% of our students are on track for four-year graduation, well above the Manhattan average.

Mission and Vision
Harvest Collegiate High School engages students in the natural process of experience, questioning, and the pursuit of precision–how people really learn. We believe in cultivating students’ power to produce and reflect, rather than simply consume, as the fundamental way of being in the world.

Students do their best work when happy; in addition to the intellectual challenge, it needs to be meaningful to the student and the world. We are one of the Consortium Schools in New York State who use a system of performance based assessments to show the intellectual work students are capable of achieving: a Literary Analysis, Historical research paper, Scientific Lab and complex math problems. Students revise their work until it is ready to present to a panel.

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